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Here are what some of the members say about the program.


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Ashleigh Nothdurft  

of Miss Monogram

‘Learning how to prioritise the work the linear planning throughout the day its not just a to do list Its actually a daily planner that been a game changer for me and have one list’

‘My favourite thing about business ready is the hot seat coaching its really good to meet other businesses going through the same program as you and to hear their wins their losses so it’s good and it’s a nice reminder that you actually have to show up and do the course and not just put it in your list  of things that doesn’t get done.’

‘The whole program the hot seat coaching, the Facebook page for Business Ready is really really supportive so if you have a question it always gets answered and if it might seem like a silly question it’s like straight away the response is great question here’s how we can help you so that’s really good’

‘I would recommend business ready to anybody who has just started a new business or has taken over an existing business. It is a great way to get all your ideas on paper. The structure is really really easy to follow, the support is amazing, and it really teaches you how to turn your to do list into something that is actionable.’

‘There’s a lot of stuff you think you know in your head but actually executing that is really tricky and business ready have all the tools really well set out for you to just do it.’

Angela Mann  

of Olor & Co

‘I would recommend business ready to anyone that was contemplating starting a business someone with an idea would probably be the most ideal person because they would be able to do everything and get all the strategies in place before they even start, but just anyone who has a business. Yes, small, large, anyone, even if they’ve got a very successful business, that wants to maybe just to get on track a bit more and maybe make themselves more organized so that they can free up time to do other things that sort of feels great.

‘Just that whole learning thing. Just learning things, you didn’t know before and that you probably don’t pursue because maybe you’re not focused on that; you’re focused on something else whereas with business ready everything in one place making it easy for us to work through the steps.’

‘I love the hot seat coaching I love that community. I love that its regular and scheduled each week, and the different guest speakers and yourself and your other staff talking about their strengths, everything seems to come so easy to them because obviously that’s their specialty’

Joshua Barnes  

of Four Legs Design

‘I wish I’d done this program when I first started my business’

‘I think this course is excellent for someone who has never had any business training. I think it’s a brilliant introduction. I can see that it’s also a great refresher for anyone who is currently is business and the community is really strong there.’

‘The business ready course has some really practical processes that it runs you through.’

‘The opportunity of the course is the structure of the course to help me articulate what my vision mission value are so I can then translate that into some business modelling so that I can grow the business’

‘I would recommend it to any person who is looking for more support and insight into their business practice. It’s a brilliant touchstone for some who hasn’t had that business education but is currently or about to start launching a business’

Tracie Kim 

of Tracie Kim Yin Yoga

 “I feel supported and coached. Any questions I have or any difficulties I am being shown how to creatively look at my own business and find solutions for the problems I have.

It’s being broken down and I’m starting to see that there are patterns in ways to look for solutions. The value for me is the support and I’m getting self-confident through it.”