Ask anything, without the consultant fees.

Mind. Blown.

Building a business in regional Australia is already hard enough. You don’t have access to the same training, and service providers available in the cities.

You often find yourself trying to work things out for yourself, or asking for advice from friends of friends, who have done it once. You don’t get the desired result, and so you go around in circles again.

We think in today’s day and age, it shouldn’t be so hard to get great advice from specialists in their fields, regardless of where you are in the country.

So now, it isn’t.

The Brains Trust – Experienced Advisors to Regional Business

Business Ready group members can ask this group of topic experts anything. Access the brains trust in weekly group coaching sessions, or ask anything in the members only group.  


Get started free?

You know all those questions you wish you could ask a qualified accountant, a marketing strategist, or business coach…  get them answered without hiring all those people.

Don’t expect to work through course video content in isolation. Included in every course are scheduled Mastermind coaching sessions where you can ask questions about what you’re learning, how to apply it in your business or just make sure you’re doing things right.

The best thing about it is, all the Mastermind Coaches are topic experts.

You’re not buying a course created by an individual claiming to be good at everything in business. You’re getting access to a team of experts who are specialists in their field.


Claire Maradani

Need help with difficult changes in your business? Do you feel your leadership has hit a ceiling and you need to grow personally to take your business to the next level? Claire is the perfect person to help guide you. 

Claire is a well-respected leadership consultant and business improvement, specialist. She helps transform organisations’ culture, leadership and management teams to build harmonious and productive workplaces.

Her extensive business experience includes an international corporate career managing large marketing teams in North America and Asia.

Claire went on to own two recruitment companies in Australia servicing the USA and UAE before starting TREETI in 2009.

Qualfiied Accountant

Luke Foster

It’s quite mindblowing that you have access to an accounting brain like Luke’s, but it’s included too! Name another small business group you get that, and we’ll… well, we’ll be impressed 🙂 

Having been involved in the business services sector for the past 8 years, the founder Luke Foster identified areas in the modern business environment, particularly in the areas of accounting and business advice that needed to be refreshed.

With forward-thinking, creativity and modern ideas, specifically in the accounting and business services environment, Luke Foster took his vision and thus ChalkBoard Consultancy Co. was born.

Brand and Marketing

Tim Davies

Tim keeps promising he’s releasing his brand strategy book soon and tells us this is the year for it. A geek at heart who has mastered brand and marketing strategy, Tim knows the questions to ask and the process to take you through to turn you into a marketing machine for yourself! 

For 20 years Tim has been growing and leading SMEs in Australia. In his 20s Tim led an Australian art and craft supplier to grow into one of the most recognisable Australian craft wholesalers in the world.

For the past decade, Tim coupled his broad business acumen with a Bachelor of Technology, which naturally led him to work in and then running his own marketing agencies. Tim has worked with and presented to hundreds of businesses right across the country in a range of industries. on brand strategy and marketing.

Tim is most passionate about helping business owners discover what makes their business unique, and then aligning brand and marketing strategy.

Born and bred in Regional Victoria, in 2020 with his family, Tim embarked on a trip around Australia. Below was taken in Kakadu.   

HR & Management

Megan Holzfeind

Megan has worked with more of Australia’s regional and remote businesses than you’ve had hot dinners! If you need someone to look at your entire business and give you an honest assessment of the gaps and opportunities, Megan’s the mentor for the job. 

Megan’s career spans more than 15 years working with small to medium-sized businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector and has supported businesses across a range of industries through TREETI since 2013 when the business commenced operating in Darwin.

Her focus is to help client’s implement organisational infrastructure and train support staff to achieve goals and outcomes.

Megan has been awarded the Entrepreneur Facilitator Services program from the Department of Jobs and Small Business for 2019-2021.

Business Systems

Lucy Finch

It is borderline disturbing how excited Lucy gets about systems in business. If you need to ‘lean’ up your machine, get yourself working ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ it, Lucy has you covered. We dare you to test her, with systems, ISO, or process questions. Prepare yourself… 

Lucy’s passion for the development of others and continual improvement of systems & processes is what drives her success with clients.  Lucy brings a vast array of skills and experience to the Treeti Team, developed over 15 years in hospitality and tourism management – including university lecturing and a stint with state government. 

A versatile consultant who can produce results across a diverse range of departments and projects, Lucy has particular experience with management systems, e-learning development, HR services and the development of others.

Social & Digital

Eloise Nicholson

When we need to solve a social media blockage, Eloise is sent in to grease it up and get it going. Tik Tok, Insta, Facebook, you name it, Eloise isn’t just across it, she loves it and can’t wait to share strategies and tactics to inspire you too!

Eloise has completed tertiary studies in marketing and HR, and her strengths are business consultancy, recruitment and digital marketing implementation. Eloise works as a trusted advisor to Treeti clients by supporting them to implement their overall business objectives and goals.