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Beginner  |  7 hours

Program Creator:   Treeti Business Consulting

Close the gaps, improve your efficiency, profit and gain the personal freedom that most of us went into business for in the first place!

  • The psychology of a successful business owner.
  • How to turn your business vision into reality.
  • How to make your business irresistible.
  • The keys to managing finances in a small business.
  • How to build a winning company culture.
  • How to set sales targets and how to achieve them!
  • How to be an effective leader.
  • Management and supervisory skills.
  • How to set up marketing systems that help you grow.
  • How to set up systems that support managing your business effectively.
  • How to mitigate accounting and legal risks to ensure you protect your assets.
  • 7 hours of self-paced learning set up as easy to follow modules.
  • Workbooks accompanying module topics ensuring you make progress and get real results.
  • Access to weekly Mastermind Coaching sessions, hosted by experts in specific topics where you can get answers to burning questions, lock in learning and learn from others too.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group where we share recorded Masterminds, where you can meet and engage with other business owners, and we drive conversations and learning around important topics that support the program.
  • A computer to work from
  • A personal Facebook account
  • A burning desire to grow your business and improve your lifestyle!